Procedure to follow when visiting our company offices

We request that you follow the following procedure when visiting our company offices.
Please take the time to read the following points before visiting us.

Prior to your visit

1. Scheduling the meeting

Determine the date of the meeting, and the number of people to take part in it, in consultation with the Avex staff.

2. Obtaining a QR code (by e-mail)

You will be sent an e-mail containing a QR code by the Avex staff.
Please store the code on your smartphone or print it and carry it with you when visiting us.

* Please ensure that each individual visitor has a QR code.

In case of changes in the number, or names, of visitors,
contact the Avex staff.

Visiting times

Visitors may enter the building 2 hours prior to the meeting.

* In case of changes in visiting times, contact the Avex staff.

On the day of your visit

3. Authentication by QR code and entering the building

Hold your phone /printout over the QR code reader at the entrance and proceed through the gate.

If you forgot the QR code on the day of your visit

Please search for "person" on reception tablet located on the second floor and call one of our staff.

QR code verification method

Place the QR code over the code reader and hold it steadily for the code reader to scan it.

4. Exiting the building

After the meeting, leave from the gate on the second floor. QR code verification is required even when leaving the building.

In case of authentication error

Should an authentication error occur when leaving the building, contact the nearest security officer.