avex EYE

Innovation in entertainment.
A space where all kinds of collaboration can arise, through the interplay with entertainmentv Co-working space "avex EYE"


"avex EYE" is a co-working space where all kinds of collaboration can arise,
through the interplay with entertainment.
avex has "interesting" companies and individuals as its tenants.
The collaboration between avex staff, avex functions, and its tenants creates synergies, business support and other benefits that meet the tenants' needs and help make their dreams come true.
The "avex EYE" entertainment community of the future – created by all of our tenants.

Our mission, in tune with the concept of "avex EYE," is to form a community from collaboration among our tenants which in turn fosters innovation.
The interplay between related technologies and the wide range of creators and start-ups will create the future for new forms of entertainment.


avex staff provide support for all our tenants.
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    Synergy with avex

    We encourage synergies with avex in various ways. For example, granting the right to participate in avex's in-house events and matching you with the avex staff who can best meet your needs.

    Synergy with avex
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    Communication with fellow tenants

    As well as disclosure of tenant information, the Community Manager promotes matching among tenants based on this data, actively holds meetings, seminars and other similar events, and encourages communication among tenants.

    Communication with fellow tenants
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    Tenant support

    The Community Manager always works closely with the tenants, supporting them in the face of all kinds of problems and issues. In addition, we will update the working areas from time to time to achieve a comfortable working environment in accordance with the needs of our tenants.

    Tenant support


We asked the tenants about their impressions of avex EYE.
  • "I can create new things to surprise the world!"
    avex EYE brings together creators and start-ups who are full of energy. They can freely exchange ideas with avex staff, blurring the boundaries between the in-house and outside worlds. On each occasion they inspire one other.

    Mariko Nishimura HEART CATCH Inc.

  • It's a space that is free of charge and it offers benefits specifically for venture businesses. Since I became a tenant, there has been a synergy between avex and the business world, and we have been able to work together in all sorts of ways.

    Kenta Nishimura CotoLab. Inc.
    Founder & CEO

  • For us who are headquartered in the United States, launching a new market can be costly. One of those expenses involves looking for an office and its maintenance. Through our introduction to avex EYE, our initial start-up costs vanished, which allowed us to concentrate on our core business. What is more, thanks to their wonderful Community Manager, we had the opportunity to communicate with not only avex themselves but also the people from the other companies there. It's a fabulous environment!

    Takizawa Yusaku Loop Now Technologies, Inc
    Growth Marketing

At present there are over 100 tenant companies.

Their fields include technology, marketing and creation.





    ”Free-address” desks seating about 100 people + 3 meeting rooms


    Free membership system


    7:00 - 23:00 (Open on holidays and weekends)
    *The opening hour is now reduced on weekdays to 9:00-20:00 in order to contain the spread of the new coronavirus (COVID-19).


    • · Support and provision of know-how, personal connections and more by avex staff
    • · Company registration [to this address] and the possibility of having mail / parcels sent here
    • · Locker rental (limited number)
    • · Use of coffee/tea services, photocopying, Wi-Fi and other facilities are free of charge
    • · You can participate in social events
    • · THE CANTEEN: an avex employee cafeteria located in the same building (user charges apply)
    • · Special events and talk sessions held from time to time
  • NOTE

    • avex EYE is taking the following measures to prevent the spread of COVIC-19:
    • ・Capacity management to avoid creating densely populated areas by using NTT Communications' Takumi Eyes®, an image analysis AI solution that implements images from security cameras.
    • ・Shortened opening hours (9:00 to 20:00 during weekdays).
    • ・All users are asked to wear a face mask in addition to disinfecting their hands and measuring their temperature when entering the room.

    • · Usage fees and business hours may change.
    • · Based on our business concept, tenants will graduate after a certain period of time.

    • Ginza LineHanzomon LineChiyoda Line

      Five minutes' walk from the A4 exit of the Tokyo Metro Omotesando Station
      (on the Ginza Line / Hanzomon Line / Chiyoda Line)

    • Ginza Line

      Four minutes' walk from the 1a exit of the Tokyo Metro Gaienmae Station
      (on the Ginza Line)


The application for new residents has been closed.