Compliance Policy

Our sector is commonly referred to as "entertainment" or "performing arts."
Our job is to make people laugh and cry, in other words, to “create emotions.”
And this is what sets our sector apart from more formal businesses.

We think that if you are too formal, it’s hard to create “cool products,” and if you harbor no rebellious feelings against conventions, it’s hard to create "innovative products."
This may explain why so many of us find the status quo or strict rules of thinking, restrictive.

However, that doesn’t mean that we are in the habit of doing bad things.
On the contrary, we pay enormous attention to people's feelings and emotions.

For us, it is about embracing people’s hearts and minds both good and bad, their strengths and weaknesses and giving it shape, transforming them into music, movies or whatever it takes with creativity and with our colleagues.

To do that, we must be pure in our minds to abandon conventional ways of thinking.
To listen to people’s hearts and thoughts every moment of the day.
These are the elements that we attach great importance to.

Furthermore, in order for us to achieve anything, we place "love" and "trust" at the core of what we do to turn a shapeless matter into a product deliverable to people's hearts.

And unless you’re the kind of person I described,you won’t be able to work with us.
You may call this our "ethical point view" and we gave serious thought to whether what we thought and live by as strange in light of conventional rules and regulations.

And the conclusion was that "it’s not strange at all!"

We believe that at the base of all compliance are the hearts of people, and while it may seem difficult to constrict the heart with rules,we believe that unless the heart is at its root, you will have nothing but empty form.

Our idea of compliance may strike you as a bit strange, but we summed it up in terms that sound really convincing to us. You will find no lies or falsehoods here.

Masato Matsuura
Avex Inc.

Don’t cheat.

1. Engage in fair, transparent and open competition.

  • Do not scheme with colleagues or industry groups to fix the value and the production volumes of goods.
  • Do not scheme with colleagues or industry groups to isolate specific business entities or new players.

2. Do not go against the legitimate interests of the company to promote your own or a third party's interests.

  • Do not engage in business transactions between the company and its executives or employees, or between the company and friends of its executives and employees without the Company’s official approval.
  • Do not alter receipts, make false or fictitious entries in the accounting books and refrain from acquiring assets without registering them in the books.
  • Do not use for your own purposes, or sell, sample CDs and DVDs, novelty goods or corporate equipment.

3. Do not resort to dishonest means when doing business.

  • Do not acquire or use trade secrets of other parties if you know, or suspect, that they have been obtained by unauthorized means.

Don't bully others.

1. Respect human rights and do not engage in acts of discrimination.

  • Do not engage in power harassment against your subordinates by, for example, taking advantage of your professional authority to impose on them unreasonable assignments or interfere in their private lives.
  • Do not do engage in sexual harassment by, for example, taking advantage of your professional authority to obtain sexual favors.
  • Do not engage in acts of discrimination.

2. Interact with business partners in a proper, honest, fair and open manner.

  • Do not delay payments unreasonably to subcontractors or business partners and refrain from abruptly canceling contracts.
  • Do not make unreasonable requests of subcontractors or business partners and refrain from taking money from sponsors.

Don't play around with other people's money.

Do not socialize with business partners in ways that depart from sound commercial practices or common sense.

  • Do not play around with company expenses.
  • Do not provide entertainment or gifts to business partners in ways that depart from general common sense.
  • Do not sponge off business partners by accepting excessive favors, forms of entertainment and the like.

Don't lie.

1. Disclose information accurately.

  • Do not submit deceitful or false reports or information.
  • Disclose company information to customers, business partners, shareholders, investors and other company stakeholders in a suitable and appropriate way.

2. Engage in proper promotion and advertising.

  • Do not resort to excessive promotions and giveaways when selling products and refrain from deceptive advertising that may mislead consumers.

Don't be arrogant.

Comply with laws and regulations and respect social norms.

  • Do not act based on the conviction that you are part of a special group.
  • You must abide by domestic and foreign laws and regulations.
  • When obtaining permissions and approval, you must comply with the necessary procedures set forth by the relevant authorities.
  • Do not overlook the moral angle when doing creative work.

Don't be wasteful.

Recognize the importance of environmental issues and make effective use of company assets.

  • Do not produce unnecessary quantities of sample CDs / DVDs, novelty goods and the like.
  • Do not print unnecessary quantities of documents.
  • Handle all items purchased at company expenses with extreme attention and take care to prevent malfunction, theft and so on.
  • Protect the environment by engaging in recycling and similar initiatives.
  • Do not waste other people’s time.

Don't steal from others.

Protect the intellectual property rights of the Company and respect those of others.

  • Use all of the Company’s intellectual property rights, including copyrights, patent rights, utility model rights, design rights, trademark rights, etc., in a responsible way and ensure that they are respected.
  • Do not use the intellectual property rights of others without permission.

Don't rely on force.

1. Do not associate with anti-social forces or groups that pose a threat to the order and safety of civil society.

  • Do not resort antisocial forces in order to further the Company’s interests.
  • If you receive inappropriate demands from antisocial forces, do not resort to handing out money or other assets to solve the issue.

2. Build highly transparent relationships with politics and government.

  • Do not give bribes to politicians or public officials.

Don't be selfish.

1. Be conscious of the support received from colleagues and the need to reciprocate.

  • Do not take all credit for yourself.

2. Refrain from insider trading.

  • If, in the course of conducting business, you gain knowledge of internal information concerning our Company, affiliated companies or business partners, do not buy or sell shares and corporate bonds of those companies until such information is made public.

Don't betray your colleagues.

1. Do not speak or behave in ways that damage the trust, credibility or honor of others.

  • Do not betray the trust placed in you by customers, business partners, shareholders, colleagues, artists, celebrities, creators and so on.

2. Manage corporate secrets and personal information responsibly and avoid unauthorized disclosure and leaks.

  • Handle all trade secrets of the Company and other companies in a responsible way and prevent untimely leaks.
  • Handle all personal information in the Company’s possession in a responsible way and do not use it for purposes other than the permitted ones.

Take pride in the team.

1. Create a working environment where employees find it comfortable to work.

  • Ensure a working environment where employees find it safe and easy to work, respect the individuality of each employee and endeavor to achieve a corporate culture where all employee can exercise their creativity.

2. Actively contribute to society as a “good corporate citizen”.

  • Contribute to the creation of a spiritually rich society through the creation of music, movies and other products and services that awaken emotions in users.
  • Contribute to the development of the community as a member of society by establishing deep ties and building good relationships with local communities.

And finally, love and admire talent. (Never be jealous.)