Basic Approach

All of our employees are aware of the compliance policy and engage with Sustainability activities through the very business of providing entertainment as a company that delivers inspiring experience.

At any time,entertainment to bring people closer to each other.

In a society undergoing dizzying change,
we constantly think about what we can do as a comprehensive
entertainment company.

Donations and volunteering are activities that we do on a routine basis.
However,we, think these things are common practice for corporations.

Our core business is to excite people's emotions:
to evoke empathy,to provide hope and the joy of living,
and to impart dreams for the future.
Therefore,we feel that our business activities could also be a form co Sustainability.

To keep doing what we do,we want to provide an environment for people
to produce entertainment.Avex is one of those environments,therefore,
Avex should continue to be a place where each employee can work with enthusiasm.
This is our unique form of Sustainability.

We want to utilize all of our knowhow to shake up people's emotionas,
seeking out the kind of Sustainability that only our entertainment can achieve.