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Really! Mad+Pure

Code of Conduct

People often look at Avex and think “are they mad?”, and while that is true, we are a group of individuals who pursue our version of “mad” with a “pure" mindset, which is to continually make people say “Really!” That is why people who gather at Avex need to have the attitude of being both Mad+Pure.

In order to support this belief, it is vital for every single person to have a ‘dream’ that you would like to achieve.

Whether it is in your lives, your work, or through Avex, what is it that you would like to achieve? Avex prioritizes this as we see it as fundamental.

However, it is not enough just to want to make the dream come true. It is crucial to grind hard and to lay the foundations while gaining the trust from your peers and preparing to never give up no matter what, so when the opportunity presents itself, you are able to grab it firmly with both hands.

We look at those who have that dream and have the ‘heart’ to do it.

There is an infectious charge of energy individually that is driven to achieve your ‘dream’ from your ‘heart’. Avex wants to support and advise those that will raise everyone’s standards, for all to be working collectively, and those that will bring your dreams to life. Avex wants this energy, and to be the ones that make people deliver “Really!” to the world.

With Avex, you can achieve anything as long as you:

Masato Matsuura

- Think about it.
- Talk about it.
- Do it.
- Help each other achieve.