Corporate Philosophy

Making impossible entertainment, possible.

We believe in your abilities, uniqueness and creativity in building a future that is exciting and world changing.

Our mission is to seek out and cultivate new talent, then work with that talent to nurture it and foster new feelings and sympathies among viewers throughout the world, all the while believing in our artists' multifaceted creativity.
That is what we mean when we say our mission is to expand the possibilities of entertainment.
By continuing to pursue those challenges here at avex, we're confident that we are working to build an exuberant future throughout the whole world.


Really! Mad+Pure

The ones who change the world are those who are both mad and pure.
We here at avex aim to think outside the box, to the point where others may question whether we might be mad. That is how passionate we are about remaining true and pure to our intent and continuing to astonish the whole world, to keep our fans saying "Really?!" at our content.

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