Top message “A contribution to sustainability unique to an entertainment company”

“We will continue to leverage the possibilities of entertainment. We believe in the limitless creativity of people and work to bring delight to the world with diverse talent, thereby creating a prosperous future.” This is the corporate philosophy formulated by Avex in 2022. We believe that this desire to be a company that continues to provide delight and empathy through talent and performance is also for us a return to our origins.

Representative Director, CEO Katsumi Kuroiwa
Representative Director, CEO Katsumi Kuroiwa

How does Avex position its approach to “sustainability?” We are committed to "contributing to sustainability as an entertainment company," and have decided to formulate a new sustainability policy and specific action plans. The bedrock for these is the leveraging of the power of communication that only an entertainment company can provide. Looking back, we can see that Avex has made full use of that power in order to promote the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the United Nations in 2015, for example, by lending our full support to the Japanese government's presentations at UN Headquarters.

We have come to the conclusion that, based on this communicative ability, the core of our contribution to a sustainable society should be to deliver "intangible richness" to the world, such as joy and life vitality, which is the mission of an entertainment company, and also to nurture the next generation of diverse human talent who will help to create the future. In addition, in order to support these efforts, learning and acting together with all of the people involved in our activities, such as employees, artistes, artists, and fans, we will work to nurture an organizational culture that directly connects to corporate sustainability with proper corporate governance, etc..

Avex will face the challenge of creating new value models for entertainment companies as we contribute to global sustainability.