Grand Opening on December 1st, 2017!

All about
the new Avex building

Avex designed its new offices based on 3 key concepts to deliver more surprises and excitements!

10 remarkable points

You’ll be surprised when you see it!
You’ll understand once you learn about it!
Top 10 amazing things about the new building

Maximum attention to details was paid in selecting the themes and the interior design for each floor of the new Avex building. For an office building, simply looking good is not enough. The new building has been designed to maximize the convenience of the people working inside and is equipped with devices to ensure their safety. We have selected 10 remarkable aspects we want you to know about.

floor map

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Everything is designed for creating the next hit!
A building fully embodying Avex's vision

Avex Inc.

Masato Matsuura

Construction on the new Avex building was completed in Minami Aoyama in December 2017. Rather than simply reconstructing an existing building, we have created a completely new concept: that of a building which reflects the way we will be working in the future as well as the changes in the environment surrounding the entertainment industry. Masato Matsuura, Avex 's founder and CEO, explains the vision embodied by the new office building.


The project managers speaks:
what it takes to create an environment for innovation

tomoyuki murayama

Avex Inc.
Group Administrative Division
General Manager

shinsuke kato

Avex Inc.
Group Executive
Director of the Group’s Strategy Division

The new Avex building, designed to introduce a new way of working in the entertainment industry, contains a number of features not found in conventional offices. We talked to two of the key people involved about a wide array of topics, from the “free-address” layout of the office floors and the co-working space, to the design of the rehearsal and recording studios, the use of IoT and more.

interior producers’ interview

Our design catch-phrase was
"an office you’ll want to show off to people"


yoshiaki watanabe

Production Division

masahiro kai

Production Division

haruka hirano

Production Division

sadahiro nakamura

CEO & President

Rather than an office which is convenient to work in, Avex wanted an office that makes working fun. The challenge was taken on by the Transit General Office (TGO) which boasted an extensive track record in working with trendy establishments. Sadahiro Nakamura and his team talked to us about the surprising design that, when first submitted, had the Avex people exclaim "You mean...This is our new building?”

partners’ voice

The new office building was
completed with the help of our many partners

Many of our partners cooperated with us in designing, furnishing and completing the new office building. We asked 8 of them for their impressions about the project.


  1. Tell us about your role and your work in this project
  2. Tell us about the concepts that inspired your work and the challenges you faced in fulfilling Avex’s request.

New building’s organizational chart

Obayashi Corporation designed and constructed the building, Okamura Corporation designed the interior of the office floors from the 6th to the 16th, and Transit General Office designed and created the interior decorations for the floors from the 1st to the 5th and the 17th. Needless to say, the project was completed thanks to the help of many more partners, including system development companies and moving companies.

Publisher: Avex Inc.
Designer: Hiroe Nakamura, Ryohei Kaneda (floor map)
Writer: Yuya Oyamada (vision/concept/interior producers’ interview)
Photographer: SS Co., Ltd / Naomichi Sode (cover) /Etsuko Murakami (portrait)/ Yuriko Tsuchida (interior)