Let's visit Avex! A tour of our offices

A tour of our offices

Providing career education by teaching about working in the entertainment industry.


Who's eligible: junior-high and high school students.
Number of participants: 20 ( students from different schools may be mixed together)

Requirement: submitting a short essay in advance

*Participants are requested to submit a short essay answering the question: What's your idea of "working in the entertainment industry"?

Program contents (80 minutes)

  • Brief explanation of Avex's history and development
  • Going over the short essays together
  • Video message by Avex employees
  • Q & A
A tour of our offices

Venue: Avex Inc.

Day and time

Every Tuesday and Friday from 14: 30 to 15: 50 (80 minutes)

* Except public and company holidays

*For details, please refer to the online application form.(Deadline for application: one month before visit)

The flow of application

  1. Apply from the above link
  2. Upon receiving a confirmation mail, fill in the attached form and mail it back to us
  3. Application is completed
  4. Send the short essays by FAX or mail no later than one week before the scheduled visit
  5. On the day of the visit, meet at the appointed meeting place